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Essential Items & Tips for Baby Led Weaning

If you're planning to start baby led weaning (usually around 6 months - when your baby can sit independently and with your pediatrician's approval), you'll want to check a few things off your list to make the journey as smooth as possible. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Each product linked is one we personally used (and liked!) during baby led weaning.

Should Have:

WTFTM Tip: Read about the importance of footrests and correct positioning from Feeding Littles here.

Nice to Have:

Things to Discuss with Your Pediatrician:

  • Which foods should never be given to a baby under 1 (e.g. honey)?

  • What are the "major 8" allergens and what is our strategy for introducing them?

  • What do allergic reactions look like and what should I do if a reaction occurs?

  • What special considerations are there around sodium, full-fat dairy, and iron?

  • Confirm with your pediatrician that you will continue giving your baby breast milk or formula until their first year, in about the same quantities they have been receiving before you start solids (i.e. solid food does not replace breast milk or formula).

Don't Forget:

Our Favorite Resources:

  • Feeding Littles: We took their course for $59 and found it helpful, especially the video examples of gagging vs. choking to help understand the difference).

  • Baby Led Wean Team: We took Katie Ferraro's free workshop and learned a TON! Afterwards, she sends PDFs of 100 foods your baby can try, shopping lists, and strategies to reach all 100 foods by age 1). She also has a podcast that serves as an incredible introduction to BLW, its benefits, and how to respond to people who think you're crazy for not spoon feeding purées. Her Instagram is also extremely helpful for seeing examples of how to offer the various foods to your baby (like this).

  • My Little Eater: We haven't taken Edweena's online course, but her blog and Instagram have been great resources for us as we learned about BLW, and as we prepare for the potentially picky eating toddler stages ahead.

100+ Solid Food Ideas for Baby


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