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Gift Ideas for a New Mom

We were so thankful for the many ways our friends and families welcomed our babies when they were born. When someone went out of their way to include something just for mom, we felt so... seen. For a new mom in the thick of it, a simple gift to make her feel more like herself, even for just a minute, can make all the difference.

From at-home self care gifts to cool hands-free ways to stay connected, here are our best ideas to show the love to the moms in your life welcoming little ones during COVID-19 or on your lists this holiday season.

We've marked gifts as under $15 with ** , under $25 with *, and noted (splurge) for $50+ items. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Whether you shop for similar ideas on your own or choose one that we linked below, we know you'll make a new mom smile with a gift just for her.

More Ways to Love her Little

Meaningful jewelry to celebrate her new "mama" title or show off her love for her baby

A way to remember the moments and celebrate baby's firsts

A gift certificate for family or newborn photos - because there can't be enough pictures

Something Comfortable


Cozy Socks to encourage her to kick her feet up

Lounge & cold weather wear for maximum comfort and cozy walks

Some hope for more (or at least more comfortable) sleep


At home spa treatments - she desperately needs 10 minutes of at-home indulgence

Shop our favorites: 1. Moisturizing Facial Masks** / 2. OPI Mini Polish Set / 3. Gold Eye Masks for Dark Circles** / 4. Handcrafted Bath Bombs (or a single bath bomb**) / (not pictured) Mama Gift Set from Tubby Todd Bath Co with Nipple Balm, Hand Cream, Belly Oil, and Freshening Spray (splurge)

Simple gifts to encourage me time - a candle, a journal, or a bath caddy

Shop our favorites: 1. Scented Candle Set (or just one candle**) / 2. Mom's One Line a Day Journal** / 3. Bath Tray Caddy

The Gift of Convenience

A leak-proof water bottle - one less thing to spill in the diaper bag

A caffeine fix that is ready quickly and stays hot until she has a chance to take a sip

Shop our favorites: 1. Auto-seal Travel Mug* / 2. Yeti Mug* / 3. Yeti Tumbler / 4. Temp-Controlled Smart Mug (splurge) / 5. Keurig Coffee Maker (splurge) / 6. Nespresso Mini Espresso Machine (splurge)

Fun "tech" gifts that give us a reason to like the 2020s:

1.Bluetooth Tracker to easily find keys, a wallet, or the diaper bag like the Tile Starter Pack

2. Voice-Control for the TV like the Amazon Fire TV Stick

3. A robot vacuum like this E4 that works with Alexa voice control (splurge)

Hands-Free Entertainment & Connection

Wireless headphones - because she won't have an extra hand for her phone

*bonus points if they are noise-cancelling, especially if she plans to sleep train

A Video Calling Device - so she won't need a selfie-stick to make sure you can see baby

Shop our favorites: 1. Facebook Portal TV (splurge) / 2. Facebook Portal (splurge) / 3. Echo Show (splurge, but under $50 on sale) / 4. Echo Show Premium (splurge)

A Bluetooth Speaker - especially if she can ask "it" to play something to soothe baby

An E-Reader - one-handed page turning to make reading + feeding possible

Shop our favorites: 1. Kindle Paperwhite (splurge) / 2. Kindle Oasis (best for Audio Books) (splurge)

Food, Food, and More Food (Delivered.)

Fun and easy ways to keep a new mom well-fed no matter where she lives.

Food delivery gift certificates for dinner of mom's choice delivered

Ready-to-go meals delivered to their door

A surprise sweet treat delivery


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