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Gift Ideas for New Grandparents

As hard as 2020 has been on us as first time moms, we also know how hard it has been on our baby's grandparents! From not being allowed in the hospital for baby's birth to masked-up or virtual introductions, it just hasn't seemed fair!

We're so optimistic that future holidays will again be filled with hugs, kisses, and maybe even shared wine glasses, but in the mean time, here are our best gift ideas for new or soon-to-be grandparents on your list this holiday season.We've marked gifts as under $15 with ** , under $25 with *, and noted (splurge) for $50+ items. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Meaningful Custom Gifts

1. Hand-Stamped Bracelet* - customize with your favorite nickname for Grandma

2. Handprint/Footprint Ornament Kit* - comes with all you need to make a custom ornament or keepsake with your little one's foot or handprint

3. Letters to my Grandchild** - for grandparents to write now and baby to read later

4. Long Distance Mugs* - with a message for grandma, customize colors & geographic locations

5. Grandma's Name + Baby's Name Necklace - customize with Grandma's nickname

6. Personalized Apron - customize leather tag with Grandma's nickname

For the Soon-to-be & Fun Grandparents

For soon-to-be grandparents or great grandparents: 1. Promoted to Grandparent Mugs*

3. Great Grandma Necklace To toast the fun or think-they're-funny grandparents:

Photo Ideas (since they're probably not on Instagram!)

4. Digital Frame (splurge) - share photos via email or an app straight to the frame to make Grandparents smile when they walk by the frame

5. Customize a Tervis Tumbler with Baby's Photos - add your own photos and text

Video-Calling Ideas to Celebrate Together, Apart

1. Echo Show Premium (splurge) - Amazon's "smart display with Alexa" is the perfect grandparent-proof, tablet for hands-free video-calling or to play a movie or the Food Network

2. Facebook Portal (splurge) - for hands-free video calling with a "smart camera" that pans and zooms while Grandma or Grandpa are on the move

3. Facebook Portal TV: (splurge) - for Grandma & Grandpa to video-call from their TV to ensure they have the best possible view of your little one in action

4. iPad (splurge)

5. Tablet Stand* - in case you usually see the bottom of grandma's chin when you video-call

For Grandmas with Special Names

For Abuela: Mug* / Fab-uela T-Shirt*

For Bubbe: Best Bubbe Apron

For "Grandmacorn" ("like a normal grandma but way more awesome"): Grandmacorn Mug*

For Mimi: Mimi Frame* / Mimi Pop Socket* (phone or tablet grip) / Mimi's Kitchen Dish Towel** / Mimi Tervis Tumbler*

For Grandpas with Special Names

For Pop or Pop-Pop: Man, Myth, Legend Shirt* / Pop-Pop Mug*


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