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Gift Ideas for New & Soon-to-be Dads

Here are our best gift ideas for new or soon-to-be dads on your list this holiday season.

We've marked gifts as under $15 with ** , under $25 with *, and noted (splurge) for $50+ items. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Gifts for New and Soon-to-Be Dads

A gift so dad can twin with his little one:

Shop our favorites: 1. Matching Hats for Dad* & Baby** 2. Happy Socks* 3. Brew Dad & Micro-Brew*

A custom gift featuring his littlest love

A funny gift to congratulate him on new fatherhood:

Shop our favorites: 1. Star Wars Shirt / 2. Pregnancy Book** / 3. Funny Mug** 4. Man Behind the Bump" T-Shirt**

A gift to help him pack HIS diaper bag for life with baby on-the-go:

A wireless gift so he can hold baby while listening to his favorite playlists, podcasts, or books:

Shop our favorites: 1. Apple AirPods (splurge) / 2. Echo Dot Speaker / 3. Wireless Earbuds /4. (not pictured) A Gift Card for Audio Books on Audible

A gift with noise-cancelling or noise-reducing features just in case he needs to "turn down" baby:

Shop our favorites: 1. Bose Headphones (splurge) / 2. Beats Solo Pro (splurge) / 3. Cowin Headphones (splurge) / 4. Or maybe a strong drink ;) with a fun accessory like these whiskey stones & glasses, to toast a new chapter

The gift of more comfortable sleep (or at least easier mornings):


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