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Mom-Approved Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

It can be so much fun to pick out something special for a little one-year-old as they are taking in the world around them. From fun shape sorters to indoor slides and climb-ons, here are our best "mom-approved" ideas to bring joy to the little ones ages 12-18 months on your lists this holiday season.

We've marked gifts as under $15 with ** , under $25 with *, and noted (splurge) for $50+ items. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Gifts for Toddlers Ages 12-18 months

A Lovevery Play Kit (splurge), or play kit subscription, filled with Montessori-style, stage-based "play products" designed by experts to help with little ones' brain development. A favorite for moms in 2020, Lovevery a great source of information and inspiration if you're shopping for a baby or toddler!

Something to pound, drop, push, stack or zoom like a shape sorter, ball drop, or stacking ring

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Something to pull or push like a walk-along toy, a lawn mower, or a shopping cart

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An activity center or activity cube to keep your little one busy in one place

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1. Tree Top Activity Center (splurge) / 2. Animals Activity Cube (splurge) / 3. Activity Center Pony (splurge) / 4. Water Table (splurge)

A bike or ride-on toy to practice balance and find independence

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1. Baby Balance Bike (splurge) / 2. Up and Down Roller Coaster (splurge) / 3. Strider Bike (splurge) / 4. 3-in-1 Tricycle (splurge)

Good books (great for interacting) or a backpack (to pack, unpack, re-pack, repeat)

A personalized gift to help baby learn letters, faces, and voices or feel closer during COVID-19

1. Wooden Name Puzzle / 2. Recordable Story Book Under the Same Moon / I'm Thankful for You / 3. Personalized Book - Goodnight Little Elizabeth / 4. Custom Board Book - Artifact Uprising

A "big" gift for hours of climbing or playing pretend

Shop our favorites:

5. Slide with Basketball (splurge) / 6. Foam Ball Pit (splurge) / 7. Indoor Slide / 8. Play Kitchen (splurge)


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