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Questions to Ask a Potential Daycare Center for Baby 6 Weeks to 1 Year

When choosing a daycare center for your baby, consider the following:


  • Are you licensed and accredited? By whom?

  • What is your availability?

  • Do I need to join a wait list?

  • How much does it cost to join the wait list?

  • Are there any discounts available?

  • What is your teacher/baby ratio?

  • What is the cost?

  • Which payment methods do you accept (credit card, debit card, check, etc.)?

  • Do you require full time for infants, or can I do part time? If I do part time, do I still have to pay for full time?

  • Will you change cloth diapers, or do we need to use disposable?

  • What is the policy if we are running late?

  • What is your sick-child policy?

  • Do you have any policies related to immunizations?

  • Will you ever take my baby off site (e.g. walk to a park or a field trip)? If so, what stroller or vehicle would you use?

  • Can you share a reference?

  • What is your policy on posting photos of the children on social media and/or in promotional material?


  • What activities do you perform with my baby?

    • 0-3m

    • 3-6m

    • 6-9m

    • 9-12m

  • What ages of other babies will mine be with?

  • What temperatures do you take babies outside in vs. stay in the classroom?

  • Will I be informed of my child’s daily activities, feedings, naps?


  • What protocols do you have in place for safely storing/serving breast milk?

  • Once my baby is ready for solids, will you help baby do BLW or is spoon feeding required?

  • Do I have to send the solid food in with my baby or are any provided?

  • How are allergies handled?


  • Are naps scheduled or will you work around our schedule?

  • Will my baby always use the same/assigned crib, or are the cribs shared for different babies throughout the day/week?


  • Does the staff have certifications or degrees?

  • What type of training have they had?

  • Have all employees passed a background check?

  • What is the employee turnover rate?

  • How long have my baby’s teachers been employed here?

  • What is the protocol in case of a medical emergency? Do you have a nurse on site who can administer medicine or allergy treatments?


  • Who can I designate to pick up my baby?

  • What “steps” does someone have to go through in order to pick up my baby?

  • Do you have cameras on the entrance?

  • Do you have cameras in the rooms?

  • What is your visitation policy for parents vs. others? Can I swing by at any point?


  • What precautions are you taking?

  • Have there been any positive cases since March 2020? If so, when were the most recent cases?

  • How often do you sanitize the toys, surfaces, etc.?

  • What happens if a staff member becomes infected?

  • What happens if a child becomes infected?

  • If you close due to a lock down, am I still expected to pay?

WTFTM Qs for Potential Daycare
Download PDF • 41KB


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