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Questions to Ask a Potential Pediatrician

Choosing a pediatrician as a first time mom is an important milestone during pregnancy. You will want to have this checked off of your list early in the 3rd trimester, just in case your little one makes an early appearance. First, we recommend finding which pediatricians are in-network for your insurance. Choose five or six, and then read Google and Yelp reviews to narrow down the list to two or three. Then, call each office to set up the "interview", which is really just a meet and greet where you ask questions to decide if you like them enough for your baby to be their newest patient.

During the pediatrician consultation, consider asking these important questions. If you plan to visit the office in person, print the PDF checklist at the bottom of this page to take with you.

What to ask a pediatrician when choosing one
  1. Do you allow in-person office tours before baby arrives?

  2. Do you take my insurance?

  3. Which hospital are you affiliated with?

  4. How long have you been practicing?

  5. Are you board-certified?

  6. Do you have a specific philosophy on breastfeeding, formula-feeding, circumcision, sleep training, vaccines, potty training and alternative medicine? If so, do you follow specific practices?

  7. If my baby ends up needing pediatric services immediately after birth, can and will you come to the hospital or center where I deliver?

  8. Do you have any specialties? What’s the protocol if my baby needs to see a specialist for any reason?

  9. Do you have evening and weekend hours, and do you accept day-of appointments if my child is sick?

  10. Who should I call when you’re on vacation or the office is closed?

  11. What’s your policy on antibiotics?

  12. What kinds of tests or bloodwork can be done in-house?

  13. What precautions are you taking for Covid-19? (e.g Are waiting rooms being used, or do you stay in the car until the doctor is ready)

  14. Who can come to the appointments besides baby and me (partner, other children)?

WTFTM Qs for Potential Pediatrician
Download PDF • 27KB


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