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Questions to Ask the Doctor Before Leaving the Hospital

Questions for Doctor about Newborn Baby

Before you head home from the hospital with your baby, consider asking the doctor these important questions. We recommend printing the PDF checklist, available at the bottom of this page, and packing it in your hospital bag so that you don't forget!


  1. How often should I feed the baby?

  2. If breastfeeding, how long should I breastfeed for (per breast)?

  3. If formula feeding, how much formula should I be feeding?

  4. How often should the baby be peeing? Pooping?

  5. What color should the pee and poop be?

  6. How long should we track feedings and diapers?

  7. Can we use a pacifier?

  8. How do we take care of the umbilical cord?

  9. When should we give the first bath? How often?

  10. If circumcised, how do we take care of it? What are the signs of infection?

  11. When should we check the baby's temperature? What temperature is too high/too low? What method should we use?


  1. Should I buy stool softener? If so, how long should I use it?

  2. How long should I use the toilet goodies (peri bottle, sitz bath, etc.)?

  3. Should I do pelvic floor exercises?

  4. If applicable, do the stitches dissolve on their own?

  5. How long will I bleed? What kind of blood clots are normal?


  1. How do I best take care of my incision?

  2. What do you recommend for pain management?

  3. What do you recommend for scar care?

  4. When and how will any stitches be removed?

  5. Can I use an abdominal binder?

  6. What activities can I/can't I do?

  7. When can I drive?

  8. How much weight am I allowed to lift/carry? (Baby, car-seat, etc.?)

  9. How long will I be swollen for?

  10. Will I experience numbness?

  11. What are signs of infection to look out for?


  1. What amount of pain and bleeding should I expect and for how long? What is cause for concern?

  2. Are there any symptoms I should call you about or return to the hospital for?

  3. Can you confirm the baby's records are being sent to the pediatrician?

  4. Where can I obtain the cost of treatment?

  5. If planning to formula feed, how do I dry up my milk?

  6. When should I make my next appointment at the OBGYN for?

  7. Where can I find resources if I am struggling with PPD/PPA?

  8. Should I continue taking my pre-natal vitamins? How long?

  9. When can I be intimate again?

  10. When can we introduce the baby to family and friends? What precautions should we take when doing so?

  11. What temperature should we keep our home?

  12. Do we need to use a humidifier?

WTFTM Qs for Doc After Delivery
Download PDF • 33KB


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