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Mom-Approved Gift Ideas for Babies 0-12M

We were so thankful for the many ways our friends and families welcomed our babies when they were born and throughout their first year. From cozy blankets for sweet cuddles to foam shapes for crawling adventures, here are our best "mom-approved" ideas to bring joy to the babies up to a year old on your lists this holiday season.

We've marked gifts as under $15 with ** , under $25 with *, and noted (splurge) for $50+ items. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

For Babies at Every Phase

Check out The Play Kits by Lovevery (splurge) - a mom favorite in 2020! These montessori-style, stage-based play kits were designed by child development experts to be "exactly what children need at each stage." They really are "wonder-inducing"!

The Play Gym by Lovevery (splurge) is another Lovevery gem designed to give babies a whole year of quality-play and learning along the way.

Lovevery is a great source of information and inspiration as you are shopping for babies and toddlers.

0-3 Months: Sleep, Eat, Cuddle, Repeat

Shop Our Favorites: 1. Crinkle Book** / 2. High Contrast Book** / 3. Wubbanub Pacifier** /

WTFTM Tip: Don't forget to spoil a new baby's mom with a gift!

3-6 Months: Solid Food on the Horizon

Shop Our Favorites: 1. ezpz Mini Mat* / 2. ezpz Tiny Cup** / 3. ezpz Tiny Bowl** /

6-9 Months: A Growing Attention Span

Shop Our Favorites: 1. Montessori Ball Drop Box / 2. Baby Einstein Drum* / 3. Ring Stacker** /

9-12 Months: On the Move with Budding Independence

Shop Our Favorites: 1. Foam Climbing Shapes (splurge) / 2. Manhattan Toy Baby Doll* /


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